Geotechnical Owners Guide to Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering has the power to assist forward-thinking owners of geotechnical companies to use their geotechnical data in a dynamic, savvy and project enhancing environment.

Digital Engineering encourages the re-evaluation and improvement of current Geotechnical Data policies and processes, encouraging companies, like yours, to embrace exciting new technology and bring it into the here and now.


Adopt New Technology to Power Change and Data Reuse

Transforming organizations is at the heart of new technology, and has driven significant change in the Geotechnical Industry in recent years.

This new technology is encouraging Geotechnical companies to change the way they manage, view and share their geotechnical data; staying on top of these changes will help to keep your company ahead of your competitors.


Claim the Rewards from Digital Engineering and Subsurface BIM

Incorporating geotechnical data in BIM has a decisive impact throughout a project’s lifetime.

Being an AEC Industry Partner with Autodesk has allowed our customers to position themselves at the forefront of this revolutionary collaboration in the BIM environment.


Unlock Data to Get More Project Wins

A competitive data advantage is what keeps your company ahead of the game, especially when you have been conducting site investigations in an area for longer than your competitors.

Are you aware of the valuable resources that are hidden, accidentally, away from members of the team and how much time and effort these could save them?


Embrace Report and Process Standardization

Under the guise of good, engineers may re-design your company’s output deliverables for a specific project, and those project-based Excel spreadsheets or database designs that others cannot understand or validate can cause havoc to standardization.

By centralizing your system your team will be working to the same standards and have access to the powerful templates your engineers have created and reviewed.

A win/win for both engineers and managers and one of the most exciting areas to help develop within a top performing organization.


Implement Agile Site Investigation for Improved Client Collaboration

You may be using Agile Management in parts of your organisation already but are you Agile in your site investigation process as well?

Being Agile will deliver significant improvements to your team and clients.

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