Geotechnical Managers Guide to Digital Engineering

Going digital will help you get more from your existing geotechnical staff and give your clients an improved product and collaborative experience.


Use report standardization as a brand asset

Do you engineers often re-design your company’s output deliverables? Do you have project-based Excel spreadsheets or database designs that others cannot understand, use or QA?

By centralizing your systems in everyone will be working to the same controlled standards and have access to the powerful QA’d templates your engineers create. A win/win for both engineers and managers


Implement Agile Site Investigation for improved client collaboration

You may be using Agile Management in parts of your organization already but using allows you to be Agile in your site investigation process as well.

Being Agile delivers significant improvements to your team collaboration and clients.


Transform Geotechnical Data Workflow

Borehole log reports are just the start of the data journey, but sadly the part where most companies hide their valuable data. allows you to connect your data to a large number of applications so that your teams have immediate access to the data where and when they need it.


Banish Double Entry of Geotechnical Data

Do you know much time your organization is wasting on re-entering geotechnical data? The answer may shock you.

Using digital engineering will help you implement a once only data entry solution and free up valuable engineering staff.

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