The Launcher will help you access and manage the powerful suite of apps so that you always have the latest tools in geotechnical data management at your disposal.

The Launcher allows you to manage your apps easily, all from a central location. New apps can be installed with the press of a single button. The launcher will always let you know when there is a new version of your apps available, so you can download and install the new features with only a single click.

With the unified login experience, you will no longer need to keep typing in your details to log in to each of your apps every time they are launched.

Log in once when you first load the launcher and you will have unhampered access to all of your cloud connected apps.

The launcher will let you know ahead of time when any service upgrades will occur so you can be sure that your experience is being well maintained.

The launcher will also present you with the latest news from Keynetix, so you can read up on new features added to your favourite apps, or stay informed about upcoming events.

Streamlined Login

• Access all of your apps from a single interface
• Securely launch multiple apps from one login
• Streamlined access to your data repository

App Management

• Install and update new apps with a single click
• Receive notifications for app updates
• Manage app roll out across your organization

Integrated Notifications

• Stay up to date with the latest events
• Keep informed about Service Updates
• Find out about the latest app features

Reduced IT Spend

• No managing separate installers for each app
• No IT access required for app updates
• No complicated installation wizards or setups


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