HoleBASE Civil 3D Extension

Integrate Geotechnical Data within the BIM Process and CAD Drawings

Visualizing and sharing your data in a 3D BIM environment greatly enhances your understanding of your site and increases the quality of your engineering output.

Production of drawings, models and annotations are much faster with the dynamic connection between Keynetix.cloud and AutoCAD® Civil 3D provided by the HoleBASE Civil Extension.

The dynamic connection allows you to automate the updating of your drawings and models as soon as new data becomes available in Keynetix.cloud, allowing you to see updates to your geotechnical models with a single click.


Location and Log Strips

• Automatic display of 2D and 3D boreholes
• Define multiple geotechnical hatches
• Control over 3D boreholes and log strip styles
• Include/exclude locations in strata model
• Advanced filtering control


• Creation of geology strata Civil 3D surfaces
• Strata summary statistics
• Rapid show or hide of strata surfaces
• Specify banding for strata surfaces
• Strata colour and material control

Geotechnical Profiles Views

• Create geotechnical profiles views with strips
• Modify alignments and update profiles views
• Automatically hatch the strata areas
• Modify Log Strips using Template Studio
• Display any additional geotechnical data

XYZ Point Groups and Surfaces

• Point groups based on geotechnical data
• Create surfaces on any geotechnical data
• Display data at true elevation
• Or display data at value height
• Add additional labels

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