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Keynetix provide a range of apps that have been developed to ensure that you maximize the potential of your geotechnical data.

The apps range will allow you to manage your data throughout the lifetime of a project and access historical information alongside your current project, transforming the way you archive and manage site investigation data. It allows you to produce fully customizable logs, reports, charts and interpretations of your data within seconds and is scalable to suit both small contractors and large multinational consultants. HoleBASE extensions for AutoCAD® Civil 3D and Microsoft Excel® allow quick and easy inclusion of all your geotechnical data within the BIM process, CAD drawings and spreadsheets making the best use of the software and skills that your organization already possesses.


HoleBASE Enterprise

HoleBASE Enterprise will help you stay in control of your geotechnical project data and streamline reporting throughout every stage of a site investigation.

HoleBASE Enterprise allows you to produce your logs, data and reports quickly and easily. Its multiple import formats and customizable data entry profiles allow for your team to enter the data only once, whether onsite or back in the office and store it within one secure location.

HoleBASE Enterprise also includes Integrated GIS, Sections and Data Triggers which can all be accessed by users globally. These features allow for HoleBASE Enterprise to be used for everything from a reporting system to a planning and analysis tool accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


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HoleBASE Civil 3D Extension

Visualizing and sharing your data in a 3D BIM environment greatly enhances your understanding of your site and increases the quality of your engineering output.

Production of drawings, models and annotations are much faster with the dynamic connection and updating of HoleBASE Enterprise and AutoCAD® Civil 3D using the HoleBASE Civil 3D Extension.

The connection even allows you to automate the updating of your drawings and models as you get new data, allowing you to see updates to your model as they are entered into HoleBASE Enterprise.


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HoleBASE Excel Extension

Integrate your spreadsheets directly into HoleBASE Enterpise allowing for extended and automated analysis and reporting in an environment you are already familiar with.

Engineers and environmental scientists use Excel spreadsheets almost every day. It’s therefore important to get data from your data management solution into Microsoft Excel® quickly and efficiently.

A live connection through to the database ensures that any data reported is always up to date and can be presented in a customized format that you are happy with by using standard Excel tools.


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HoleBASE Data Entry

HoleBASE Data Entry is built into every version of HoleBASE Enterprise but can be deployed as a standalone module to meet your organizations data entry needs.

If you have staff that only need to enter or edit data, then you can simplify the process for them and reduce costs, by buying standalone copies of HoleBASE Data Entry which allows for multiple users to enter data at the same time.

All Data Entry profiles created in HoleBASE Enterprise are compatible with HoleBASE Data Entry and data entered and edited via the HoleBASE Data Entry is immediately accessible to all other users of HoleBASE Enterprise and


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HoleBASE Template Studio

Customizing your template design helps you maintain your company brand whilst allowing you to present your geotechnical data to your clients in the best possible format.

HoleBASE Template Studio enables you to create customized report templates for use in HoleBASE Enterprise. The intuitive interface can be used to visually create and standardize the presentation of boring logs, cross sections, site plans and AutoCAD® Civil 3D Profiles.

HoleBASE Template Studio has been designed so that users can pick up its simple design techniques quickly. This gives you a shorter learning curve and ensures that you are not reliant on a single member of staff to change your template designs.


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HoleBASE Web Portal

Securely share geotechnical data with your team, selected members of your supply chain and clients. provides total control of your geotechnical data, allowing you to easily share selected project data with your teams and meet the reporting requirements of your clients. Quickly access data and documents, track progress and generate reports via a standard web browser without installing additional software.

The HoleBASE Web Portal enables selected members of your supply chain to securely upload and automatically validate data submissions, against your specific project specification, significantly increasing data management efficiency, improving data quality and streamlining the flow of data from your contractors and laboratories.


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