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    Keynetix.cloud is the next generation geotechnical data management
    platform providing unparalleled security and streamlined project
    collaboration throughout every stage of the geotechnical data journey.


Improve your project collaboration

Keynetix.cloud enables new ways of working. Whether you need to share geotechnical data between members of your team in multiple offices, integrate more closely with other departments, keep clients updated, or improve communication throughout the supply chain, Keynetix.cloud can streamline workflows across multiple applications, devices and locations. Teams are able to make more informed decisions and continually optimize ongoing ground investigations as soon as data becomes available.



Stay in control of your data

By providing secure access to a centralized geotechnical data repository every member of the team can be confident they are using the most up to date version of the project data. Getting high quality, error free, data from your supply chain in a timely manner is vital to run an efficient site investigation process.  Keynetix.cloud improves the way your supply chain works with you and allows them to validate data before submitting into your pending import queue. Advanced user access allows you to control who can do what with your data, both within or outside of your organization.

Adapt to changing workloads

The volume and scale of projects your organization needs to handle is constantly changing and data access requirements fluctuate over time. Keynetix.cloud has been designed from the ground up using scalable cloud technology to seamlessly adapt to meet peak usage periods and support the geotechnical data management of even the most challenging ground investigations. Whatever the current work load in your organization, Keynetix.cloud will be able to meet your demands.



Integrate your geotechnical data

Organizations constantly envisage new ways to maximize the value of their geotechnical data and require access to consistent geotechnical data across several applications By utilizing the powerful Keynetix.cloud web services interface, organizations have the freedom to build applications on top of the core platform, or take advantage of third party Apps, empowering developers to create innovative data capture, analysis and visualize tools, interface with existing systems, and streamline enterprise workflows.

Simplify your IT requirements

Keynetix.cloud will also reduce your setup time from weeks to hours. Implementing an enterprise system internally requires servers, storage, backup schedules, security patching and support to be put in place and this all costs money. If you add the cost of SQL server licenses, then you could be presented with a bill for many thousands a year. This is all included in the annual Keynetix.cloud subscription and the elimination of internal IT costs, in some cases, covers the entire cost of the service.

Centralize your geotechnical knowledge

Information and data gathered from previous ground investigations can provide a major competitive advantage. Keynetix.cloud enables organizations to store their entire project archive including geotechnical data, reports, photos, sketches and mapping in a single spatially aware, cloud-based geotechnical repository.

Backed by enterprise support

Should you require assistance with Keynetix.cloud you can temporarily grant access for a member of the Keynetix support team to help. Once you have approved access, engineers can diagnose issues, help with changes, or provide answers to support questions directly within your environment and without compromising the security of your geotechnical data. No more emailing files or transferring large database backups between organizations to get a solution.

A platform you can trust

The security, integrity, and availability of your geotechnical data is our top priority. We know how vital it is to your business success. Keynetix.cloud provides a multi-layered approach to protect and monitor all your data, both at rest and in transit. The success of a backup regime is often gauged only when something goes wrong, and it is all too common to find vital data not being backed up correctly only when it is too late. Keynetix.cloud takes care of this for you with robust automated backups, high availability and disaster recovery built in.



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